Woman Desert trip March 2020

I’ve been home just as long as I’ve been in the desert, the week here flew by and the week in the desert went so much slower.
As if you are slowed down to feel what is there. The journey was so intense, so special, almost impossible to comprehend in words. Sleeping under the starry sky.
So much love, the silence, tears, laughing, singing and dancing, new friends, letting go, homesickness, shooting stars, everything came along and everything was allowed!
I am very grateful that I was able to come along, I have felt very safe. Thank you dear Debra for the good care. And of course the men of the Muzeïna tribe who took such good care of us!

Debbie Voerman

Live the Bedouin Life

A journey in which every moment has been a wonder of; The magical beauty of the desert, the beautiful mountains, letting go in all facets, full of humor, like a grain of sand in a grand whole, sleeping under the stars, but above all a deep silence of coming home …

A thrill to live the Bedouin and to meet these lovely families with all their care and open heart.

Thank you Live the Bedouin Life, Debra and beautiful Family, Eid the whole family, Maxine for making it possible and Geke that we could support this together.

Celine Groenestein- The Origin

Last March, just before the Corona “madness” erupted, I traveled with Debra, Celine and a group of beautiful women through the Sinai desert.
From the moment I first saw the photos of the desert on TheBedouinLife’s website, I knew I wanted to make this Journey. The energy and Spirit of this landscape called me and all I had to do was respond to this call.

The hospitality and service of the Bedouin was truly fantastic and the organization and guidance by Debra and the Tribe was absolutely amazing.

I myself work with medicinal plants, from a deep conviction that such ceremonies are so necessary at this time. To reconnect with ourselves, with other people and with everything that lives. Connecting with Nature in and around us.
The trips to the desert are ceremonies in themselves; if necessary for the world and something I really like everyone!

I still find it difficult to express in words what I have experienced this week, that really goes beyond the layer of words, of the mind and the ratio.

It was magical, transformative and coming Home.
And I’ll definitely be back …

Love, Geke

The trip was great …. just to say a word 🙂
The sweet camels and their gentle owners. The desert ships sailing through the timeless void. What beautiful views. Sleeping under the stars was also magical.
I can truly say that I have felt the desert spirit.
Pretty impressive!

This journey has brought me peace and inspiration. A dream come true.

The men who cooked for us and were always ready to help or with a cup of tea was also a very nice experience.
I found the guidance of you, Debra also very pleasant .. not too much fuss but with attention to everyone and also with integrity to the Bedouins.

Ankie Kolhoff

Parent & Child desert trip February 2020

Just came back from an amazing dessert trip in the South Sinai ! So grateful for this healing experience with our beautiful tribe of mothers, daughters, bedouin boys and camels. Sleeping in our million star hotel, travelling like true nomads, making fire, drinking tea, smoking local herbs, eating the purest food, sharing love and making friends. A first impression of our journey that i will carry with me forever. Thanks so much @debsterhempel for making this possible! Like, follow, share and go experience @livethebedouinlife! ❤️ I will be back for sure!

Nadia Duinker

Mannen Woestijn reis Februari 2020


Wat een eer om onder de vleugels van Eid en zijn Muzeina tribe dwars door hun Sinaï te mogen trekken. Ongelofelijk Dankbaar voor Hun eten wat ze met mij hebben gedeeld, de helende kracht van de woestijn die ze me hebben laten voelen, en Het luisteren naar de stilte van de woestijn.
Dat stemmetje in je hoofd die continu tegen je wil praten, had 7 dagen niets te vertellen.
Geen gedachtes van gisteren, of gedachtes over morgen..

Thank you so much “live the bedouin life” for showing me the life the bedouin live ❤️??

René Piqué

Just spent 7 days in the desert of Sinaï, Egypt as part of a Bedouin tribe, traveling with about 30 men. Each day we covered approx 15 km by camel or by foot. It’s hard to put this journey into words but the mysteries and ever present power of the desert overwhelms. Sleeping outside beneath thousands of stars each night and the experience of being completely offline was simply humbling and empowering.

Seven Arne Halsema


For ever grateful to Eid for guiding us through the Sinai in Muzeina Style – i’d never thought i would feel so at home in the middle of the desert. #walkinginthesand #muzeinatribe #livethebedouinlife

dre urhahn



Desert trip November 2019.

This is a journey you will never forget. A group of 16 women carried on all fours by the men of the tribe. With so much respect and never an uncomfortable moment. A safe space where we could fully be ourselves and open ourselves. We have learned a lot from these men. Beautiful stories by the campfire, singing and dancing and their jokes. Also how you can take good care of the entire community and make everyone feel welcome in their presence. We ate 3 times a day really delicious and did not pour or wash a cup ourselves. You don’t expect this in the middle of the desert. Such a luxury. The purpose of the journey is to give space to the essence of who we really are. And we succeeded. It was as if everyone’s inner sun began to shine fully. We have made tattoos in the most beautiful places to anchor this beautiful time on our body. The desert offers enough space to go through inner processes and the women went through a beautiful process together as a group. I enjoyed all of us in the group dynamics. Very laughed, danced, been silent .. but also cried. Each of us has found a lost part of himself in the desert … and left a part that is no longer serving. I will never forget this beautiful group of women. Sleeping under the stars. The tours through the beautiful desert. I miss you, the camels and the desert already. Thank you Deborah for your loving mission to organize these trips. You did that beautifully.


Travel to the Sinai.

I blindly embarked on this adventure and it turned out to be a life changing experience.
The nature, mountains, stars and tranquility that the journey through the desert brought with it every day in different scents and colors was an experience that I recommend to everyone, while the care and gentleness of the men who accompanied us took away all the last worries. This was the way to really experience and feel the desert, and the people who call it their home. Everything was so well taken care of and I just had to enjoy every moment. I will definitely go back, I want to relive this experience, and still take that same peace with me even now in daily life. Debra thanks for this gift, till next time!


The trip through the Sinai is just almost indescribable, it was so intensely special.

I went there without any expectations and let everything come over me.
The Sinai has a healing work due to its total silence and beauty. After my return home, the vibration kept buzzing in my body for a long time.
The total experience simply cannot be articulated and you really have to experience it if you want to understand what it can do to you.

Our tribe of 16 women all left a huge impression on me.
Just like the men of the Muzeina tribe who took such good care of us and of course the camels. I think it’s really so beautiful that Debra has made all of this true for us and everyone who wants to experience this. Something very unique and with so much love ❤❤❤❤


What a fantastic beautiful adventure and O so profoundly partly thanks to the continuous support of the Bedouins. Thankfully that I was allowed to participate in their world for a week and I can only say that I am 200% behind this project and will certainly enjoy it more often.


Hoewel ik alweer langer thuis ben dat dat ik in de Sinaï ben geweest, ben ik in mijn hoofd nog dagelijks
daar. Nog steeds moeilijk om in woorden of beelden te omschrijven hoe mooi, wijds en stil het daar is, hoe veilig en fijn het voelt om 24/7 op te gaan in natuur. En dan heb ik het nog niet eens gehad over de prachtige mensen waarmee ik mocht beleven en delen… Niets dan liefde en dankbaarheid ??✨

Thuis van een prachtige reis door de dessert, gedragen door de Muzeïna tribe ?
Wat een avontuur, zoveel liefde, in stilte…
een lach, een traan….De allermooiste nieuwe vrienden ? , …inzichten …los laten ..
Alles en dan ook echt alles kwam voorbij..
en het was oké..?
Grote dankbaarheid voor dit fantastische nooit te vergeten avontuur….!

Bedouin desert journey March 2019.

Ultimately safe space, held by Debra and the Bedouins, to meet intimately with Self, Nature and Others. The Sand, Fire, Food, Stars, Moon, Animals and Meetings naturally opened me up to be infused with Desert Medicine. I have come back as a different person than the one that left for the journey.

Special, deep, transforming and all of this in utter relaxation, because nóthing is asked from you but being yourself and allowing yourself to Be. Thank you Debra for this alchemistic co-creation with Mahara and the Egyptian sages.

Grateful to the Max!! Hilde Maria

Review Simba Sidhu

1 week of being offline and living the Bedouin life in Sinai, Egypt. 1 week of sleeping in the open air, bathing in the moonlight as the moon moving towards being full. 1 week of no shower & no toilet. I would find a spot with an amazing view for my need or find a spot on the other side of the hill or the mountain to wash myself. Being butt naked in the desert felt good! I saw and slept in an oasis for the 1st time ?

The Universe planned to have 9 wonderfull women come together for this journey. There were 9 camels, maximun of 9 Bedouin men who were taking care of us. The men were SO sweet that it changed my perspective on how soft & gentle men can be once they are given the space & trust to be the softer version of themselves. The women shared laughs, tears, blue lotus tea, opium tea, stories and so muc knowledge and love! Thanks to the Bedouins we were completely in sync woth our beautiful and spacious surroundings. I have never felt SO safe with a group of people (whom I hardly knew in the beginning) and in such open spaces. I released a few fears and some of the harder layers of myself. We were so remote from the world inhabited by people and vehicles, it felt like we were on a different planet! Thank you Mahara Holistic Lifestyle and Debra Hempel for this journey inwards and outwards Thank you Universe

Kind & ouder woestijn reis Febr. 2019


Words can’t discribe my feelings of our journey into the Sinaï. Thank you Debra Hempel for organizing this . Greatfull to our co travellers Daniel Eeuwens & Devlin, Eliane Smits Van Waesberghe & Lucas.
My greatest respect goes to Eid Ali and his boys, nurtering, guiding and sharing their Bedouin lifestyle with us.
Reconnecting to silence and nothingness ?

Veronique Van derschueren,

Live the bedouin life was een hele bijzondere reis en ervaring. Heel bijzonder om de stilte van de woestijn te ervaren en met de warmte van de bedoeinen kennis te mogen maken. Een reis die je even terug brengt van waar we in de kern vandaan komen..contact en verbinding. Ook heerlijk om gewoon 6 dagen offline te zijn ?

Eliane Smits Van Waesberghe,