From October to April we offer unforgettable desert trips in the beautiful South of Sinai, around Nuweiba. Accompanied by the Bedouin tribe, we travel on foot and by camel through the desert, where they introduce us to their way of life and travel. This unique experience is a perfect mix of adventure, nature and culture.

Over six days we slowly travel deeper into the desert, cross mountains and make camp in valleys or on sandy plains. Here we eat and spend the night under the beautiful starry sky.

Each trip is guided by a team composed of different members of the Bedouin tribes. This team takes care of us, prepares the food, cares for the animals and provides us with everything we need. By bringing different members along each time, different families reap the benefits of these desert trips.

We eat and share our stories around the fire and sleep under the stars. The exercise and relaxation in this desert, so close to nature, provide an unforgettable experience.

Our experienced Bedouin guides know the desert like no other and ensure that you can enjoy your trip safely and comfortably.
Our Dutch-speaking guide is ready to help you and facilitate contact with Bedouins and animals. After the sixth day we travel by jeep back to the coast of Nuweiba, where our journey ends at the beautiful LiveTheBedouin Camp, right on the Gulf of Aqaba. Here you can relax, enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, snorkel and, above all, reminisce about your adventures in the desert.

It is possible to request a tailor-made group trip, this is possible from 4 people.
This way of traveling together is a unique experience.
By camel or jeep to the most beautiful places in the Sinai desert. You will be well taken care of by the Bedouine tribe. You meet few or no other people on this trip. It is intimate, adventurous, relaxing and always enlightening.

History from the Bedouïn people of the South Sinaï

Nuweiba (also spelled Nueiba) is a coastal town in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Located on the coast of the Gulf of Agaba. Enthusiasts praise the area for its beautifully varied deserts, rich marine life or special flora and fauna in the high mountains. Sun lovers swear by its Red Sea…

SINAI, EGYPT | Men’s desert trip 2020. A short film about one of the desert trips and about Eid Abu Ali in particular.

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