A special journey through the Sinai desert, traveling together as a tribe like the Bedouin tribes.
The desert, the silence, no radiation or noise, the enormous nature where you have all the space, will bring you back to the essence of you in a second.
This way of traveling gives a lot of connection, clarity and confidence in yourself and your environment.
On these trips, we and the desert provide the space that everyone needs to be able to grow and to be able to stand in your full power. You can completely surrender to this experience, you will be well looked after, three healthy meals and refreshments in between. The most beautiful places where there is always a fire place with tea and good company.
Every day we travel by camel from place to place deeper and deeper into the mountains and desert.

The trips always end with a last night at LiveTheBedouinlife’s beautiful Nature Beach Camp.

It is possible to request a tailor-made group trip, this is possible from 4 people.
This way of traveling together is a unique experience.
By camel or jeep to the most beautiful places in the Sinai desert. You will be well taken care of by members of the Muzeina tribe. You will meet little to no other people on this trip. It’s intimate, adventurous, relaxing and always enlightening.

For more information send us a mail , we will gladly give you more information about this way of traveling.

Livethebedouinlife Nature Beach Camp,
on the Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba).

Just past Nuweiba city, on a beautiful coral reef on the Gulf of Aqaba, is our “Nature Beach” camp that we set up in 2019 together with the Farag Family. Here you will find a Camp with an open restaurant with comfortable lounge and seating areas to eat and relax. 9 attractive double rooms with beds and hammocks, all with a sea view.

For more information send us a mail , we will gladly give you more information about Livethebedouinlife camp.

More about the camp

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