Travel one by one with your child through the Sinai






ALL INCL. 920 EURO FOR PARENT & CHILD (ex. Ticket) |


Saturday, February 15, 2020, we are leaving with a group of adventurous children and parents to Sinai.

The upcoming spring break there is an opportunity to embark on a very special trip with your child one on one.

Upon arrival in Egypt, transport is ready to take us to the beginning of the Sinai desert.

We are welcomed with a warm campfire and delicious food. We’ll spend the night here under the starry sky.

The next day we leave the desert by camel and by foot.

We’ll travel between 10 to 15 kilometers every day and you will share a camel with your child. This will strenghten the bond between you and your child on this beautiful journey. You can choose to take turns or to ride the camel together.
On request it is possible to reserve two camels for you.

As a parent you can completely relax and you will be cared for in an excellent way. You don’t have to think about anything, not about food, groceries or other daily bothers.

The landscape is different every day and will therefore not get boring.The raw beauty, the vastness, the space and silence are overwhelming and so different from what we are used to. But it is precisely those qualities of the desert that do us so well.

Back to the basics, back to the essence of yourself and of the relationship with your child.

These five days we slowly travel deeper into the desert, we cross mountains to reach the valleys were we set up camp, we eat and spend the night under the stars in the valley or on the sandy plains.

We visit a number of historic sites such as the Nawamis prehistoric stone buildings dating from the “Copper Stone Age” (4000-3150 BC). We sleep one night in the El Goudra oasis. We head to Jebel Mileihis, a flat sandstone mountain high above the desert. To reach certain places you have to climb and clamber over mountain areas and sand dunes.

Wednesday night is the last night in the desert Thursday morning after breakfast we leave for our Livethebedouinlife camp. This is a beautiful private beach in Nuweiba. Here you share a beach hut at the sea with your child. The beachcamp is fully equipped and here too you will be optimally cared for entirely in the atmosphere of the Bedouins.

Shortly before departure there is an introduction / information gathering. On this evening you can inform about all questions you have and get to know your traveling companions and discuss the journey.

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The price is exclusive

– Airline ticket
– Visa 28 Israel & 22 Euro Egypt (one-off)
– Taxi from Eilat to Taba and back (20 Euro)
– Tip that we collect at the end of the journey for Eid and his team (between 20 * 50 Euros).
– Personal expenses
– Travel insurance

Because we usually travel by camel, at least two long pants are handy to take with you.
A sweater for the evenings, and some lighter clothing for the day.
If you find it cold quickly, bring a pair of warm socks.
Some parts of the journey you will have to accompany your camel on foot over the mountains, therefore shoes / slippers that you enjoy walking are indispensable for this journey.

Blankets and rugs to sleep on are provided.
We advice to bring an air mattress and a sleeping bag.
Something for the head, a cloth, hat or cap. It is important to protect yourself properly while riding through the desert on your camel and for the sun in general.
Also don’t forget your sunscreen!
Toothbrush, a greasy cream or oil are also nice to have with you in the desert.

Because we travel by camel and will also carry your luggage, it is best to opt for a flexible backpack, sports bag or soft suitcase.

The weather

The climate of February still shows quite high temperatures since the minimum is around 20 degrees and the peak point is able to reach a value of 30 degrees. With about 10 hours of sunshine a day and a particularly small chance of precipitation, the weather forecast for February is calm, stable and favorable.
In the nights it can still cool down considerably.

Time difference

The time difference with Egypt and Sinai is 1 hour later (during winter time there is no time difference).


Egypt and Sinai do not require vaccinations.

Our travel policy

Tourism is the largest industry in the world, with enormous potential for economic growth and employment. Unfortunately, tourism also causes negative effects on nature and local cultures. We try to look for sustainable alternatives to limit the negative effects of tourism and to strengthen the positive effects. Livethebedouinlife attaches great importance to the responsible handling of culture, nature and environment. We adhere to cultural codes as much as possible and expect the same from our travelers. It is – if applicable – easy to forget that we sometimes travel through very poor areas.