Desert trip in collaboration with Mahara retreats & Avani van Leeuwen






ALL INCL. 880 EURO  |  ( ex. ticket  starts from *120 Euro via Transavia Amsterdam Eilat )



Together with men grow in love, awareness and strength

“The man is powerful in his love for the woman and the feminine. He protects her, feeds her and wears her. His power is being in connection with the cosmos and the great whole. A man crosses borders and travels through unknown worlds. This is how he grows in love, consciousness and power.

Traveling together is masculine and makes you strong. On a journey-in the circle-together-alone-in connection with the cosmos. In being together you open the heart in brotherhood and allow yourself to be touched by the other and by existence. The desert brings you to your core. By being in the desert your inner guidance opens up. You come to fruition and come out into your full potential.

The heart is open, honest, vulnerable and strong. The abdomen brings manifestation power and creation and the pelvis sacred sexuality. The head receives inner guidance and comes in a non-twisted mind. ” (text by Avani van Leeuwen, mentor during the trip)

Every morning we start the day with light exercise, relaxation and meditation. After breakfast we leave by foot and camel further into the desert. Halfway through the day a camp is made to eat lunch and then it continues until the setting sun tells us it is time to set up the camp for the night. Every afternoon there is a meeting or satsang where you can share and exchange.

You are unique and free. If you want to be alone there is the desert; when you want to be together, the group is there.

The entire trip you will be well taken care of. The guides provide fresh bread, tea / coffee / water, snacks and three meals a day. During this trip they are also the ones who can tell you a lot about the special places and history of the Sinai desert.

The journey ends on the beach at our Livethebedouinlife Camp. There we prepare for the return trip to the Netherlands and there is plenty of time to relax and share a delicious last supper together and sleep in a wonderful bed.

You are welcome!

Just before departure (january 2020) there is an introductory evening in the Mahara. On this evening we meet, you know who you are traveling with and there is additional information about the desert trip.

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The price is exclusive

– Airline ticket
– Visa 28 Israel & 22 Euro Egypt (one-off)
– Taxi from Eilat to Taba and back (20 Euro)
– Tip that we collect at the end of the journey for Eid and his team (between 20 * 50 Euros).
– Personal expenses
– Travel insurance

Because we  travel by camel, at least two long trousers are handy to take with you.
A sweater and long warm pants for the evenings, and some lighter clothing for the daytime.
If you find it cold quickly, bring a pair of warm socks.
Some parts of the journey you will have to accompany your camel on foot over the mountains, for which reason you will need shoes / slippers that are perfect for this trip.

Also don’t forget to bring an air mattres and a sleeping bag.

Don’t forget something for on the head, a cloth, hat or cap. It is important to protect yourself properly while driving through the desert on your camel and for the sun in general.
So don’t forget your sunscreen!
A toothbrush, a greasy cream or oil are also nice to have with you in the desert.

Because we travel by camel and will also carry your luggage, it is best to opt for a flexible backpack, sports bag or soft suitcase.

The weather

The climate of februri still shows quite high temperatures. The average daytime temperatures are around 23 ℃ and 27 ℃. With about 10 hours of sunshine a day and a particularly small chance of precipitation, the weather forecast for februari is calm, stable and favorable. Around this time it is very comfortable in Egypt.

In the nights it can still cool down considerably.

Time difference

The time difference with Egypt and Sinai is 1 hour later (during winter time there is no time difference).


Egypt and Sinai do not require vaccinations.

Our travel policy

Tourism is the largest industry in the world, with enormous potential for economic growth and employment. Unfortunately, tourism also causes negative effects on nature and local cultures. We try to look for sustainable alternatives to limit the negative effects of tourism and to strengthen the positive effects. Livethebedouinlife attaches great importance to the responsible handling of culture, nature and the environment. We adhere to cultural codes as much as possible and expect the same from our travelers. It is – if applicable – easy to forget that we sometimes travel through very poor areas.