Corana virus information.

In this time when the virus is seen as a threat and measures are being taken worldwide, it is a very uncertain time for all of us.
The airline companies we deal with most (Transavia & TUI) assume that normal flights will be available from September.
They have taken measures where by flight tickets can be rebooked free of charge or that vouchers are available in the event of force majeure, for example a second wave of infections.
We as Livethebedouinlife have decided to make the trips available for booking as planned for the upcoming season.
This means that when you book you make a deposit of 200 Euro, which guarantees your place. The remaining amount must be paid two weeks before departure.
If it does go differently, we will reschedule the trip to a different date, in consultation your reservation can then be taken to the new date or you will receive your deposit refunded immediately.
We hope with all our heart that we can make these trips with you again next season. As The bedouin tribe says, InshaAllah ..





ALL INCL. 880 EURO | (ex. flight ticket)


     ( moon phases of this trip)


Accompanied by the Muzeïna tribe, we travel through the desert by foot and by camel, bringing us home in their way of life and travel.
We eat and share around the fire and sleep under the stars. This is a journey that offers you plenty of space to get in touch with nature and your own nature.

Traveling through this area accompanied by this tribe offers you the unique opportunity to experience life in its authentic form.
The desert ensures that all noise from the line disappears so that you can return to your own nature. You can completely surrender to the rhythm of the desert.

The rhythm of traveling through the desert with each other on foot or on the camel quickly creates a calm and it becomes quieter and wider around you.

We travel 6 days per camel and per foot about 10 to 15 kilometers per day and as much as possible in silence. We sleep and live in the open air.
We visit several historical sites, such as the oasis El Goudra and the more than 5000 year old stone domes of Nawamis. We climb over mountain peaks and through valleys and walk deeper and deeper into the desert.
The environment is wide and varied and will not be boring.

Traveling with the knowledge of the tribe and in the safety of the group is a primal feeling that we are quite away from here in the west.

This space that becomes available often provides insights, energy and strength.

In order to keep your energy flowing properly, we offer an opening of the day every morning through movement or meditation.

For this trip this is provided by Kerwin Bradshaw, he is a trainer at the Care Company.
During this desert trip he focuses on the following core points, Inspiration – Intuition – Intention – Integrity.
Every morning he does a part of the Taki Maori HAKA with the group. At the end of the week the entire HAKA can be done with attention to the four aforementioned key points.
After a day of travel there is a Chi Kung cool down meditation that helps to keep all energy flowing through the body.

Eid’s team are our guides during the trip.
Each trip a team is composed of the different members of the Muzeina tribe. This team takes care of us, the food, the animals and everything we need. By bringing different members of the Muzeina tribe with him every time, he ensures that different families can reap the benefits of these desert trips.
The whole Sinai desert is all history and with every step you make you feel how solid the ground is under your feet.
In this time when everything is developing, changing and constantly demanding adjustments from you, in the desert the totally opposite is true. Your environment there is almost immobile, it challenges you to see and experience life and yourself again in its pure form.

When you want to be alone there is the desert, when you want to be together or share the campfire with good company. Most of all, feel FREE!

After breakfast on the sixth night, we will depart by jeep back to the coast of Nuweiba.

We spend the night there at Livethebedouinlife Camp.
This is a beautiful private beach in Nuweiba. Here you share a thatched beach house on the Gulf of Aqaba.
The beach is equipped with WiFi and sanitary facilities and here you are only with the group and in the atmosphere of the bedouins.

This is how we slowly prepare for the return trip.

You are cordially invited!

This trip is accompanied by three Dutch-speaking guides, Daniel Eeuwens (Livethebedouinlife), Kerwin Bradshaw (Founder & amp; CEO Care Company), Daan Steller (Energetic entrepreneur).
Together with the Bedouins they save the space and energy for the group in the desert.

Just before departure (October 2020) there is an introductory evening in the Mahara. On this evening we meet so you know who you are traveling with and there is additional information about the desert trip.

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The price does not include

– Airline ticket
– Visa 28 Euro Israel & amp; 22 Euro Egypt (one time)
– Taxi from Eilat to Taba and back (20 Euro)
– Tip for the Eid team, we collect this at the end of the trip (between 20 * 70 Euro).
– Personal expenses
– Travel insurance

The weather

The climate of November is warm with maximum temperatures around n 28 degrees. With about 10 hours a day of sun and a particularly small chance of precipitation, the weather forecast for November is warm, stable and favorable. Around this time it is very comfortable in Egypt.

Time difference

The time difference with Egypt and Sinai is 1 hour later (during the winter time there is time difference).


Egypt and Sinai do not require vaccinations.

Our travel policy

Tourism is the largest industry in the world, with enormous potential for economic growth and employment. Unfortunately, tourism also causes negative effects on nature and local cultures. We try to find sustainable alternatives to limit the negative effects of tourism and to enhance the positive effects. Livethebedouinlife attaches great importance to the responsible handling of culture, nature and the environment. We adhere to cultural codes as much as possible and expect that from our travelers. If applicable, it is easy to forget that we sometimes travel through very poor areas.

For this trip we recommend the flight

Amsterdam – Eilat (Ramon).
Bookable from 101 Euro

Outgoing flight
Sat 07-11-2020
Departure time: 7:00 AM
Arrival time: 12:50 PM
Non-stop flight

Return flight
Sat 14/11/2020
Departure time: 13:50 PM
Arrival time: 6:15 PM
Non-stop flight

You can book through

Because we travel by camel, a pair of long pants are handy to take with you. A sweater, cardigan for the evenings, and more airy clothes for the day. If you find it cold quickly, bring a pair of warm socks. Some parts of the trip you will have to guide your camel over the mountains on foot, therefore shoes / sturdy sandals / slippers that you walk on are indispensable for this trip.

It is also important to bring a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag.

Don’t forget something on the head, a cloth, hat or cap! It is important to protect yourself while riding through the desert on your camel and for the sun in general. So don’t forget your sunscreen! A toothbrush and greasy cream or oil is also nice to have with you in the desert.

Because we travel by camel and will also carry your luggage, it is best to choose a flexible backpack, sports bag or soft suitcase.