Livethebedouinlife Camp,
Nature Beach

Just past Nuweiba city, on a beautiful coral reef on the Gulf of Aqaba, lies Nature Beach. A beach with wonderful places to sit, eat, chill and sleep.

There is an original Bedouin tent set up on the beach to experience the bedouinlife even more. It is made of 100% goat hair where you can sit around a fire and drink bedouint tea. Everything is in the same atmosphere as on Livethebedouinlife desert trips and is hosted with the same care of the Bedouin tribe.

Nature Beach is completely self-sufficient, the electricity comes from solar panels and the water for the showers and toilets comes from a basin that is filled up from the outside every now and then.

You are literally “off the grid” ..! (but with the possibility of WiFi)

Prices are per night per person including breakfast.

Lunch, diner and all other drinks and snacks will be written down and you can pay this by the end of your stay.

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