Lifethebedouinlife Camp

Just past Nuweiba city, on a beautiful coral reef on the Gulf of Aqaba, lies our “LivetheBedouinlife” camp that we set up together with Eid in 2019. Here you will find a restaurant with wonderful places to sit, eat and chill and simple but extremely attractive thatched cottages with wonderful beds and hammocks with a sea view.

We have also set up an original Bedouin tent (10 x 4 meters!), made of goat hair where you can sit around a fire and drink tea. Everything is in the same atmosphere as on our desert trips and with the same care and hospitality you will be received here by Eid, entirely in Bedouin style.

Trips such as watching the sunset from a mountain in the desert, trips and/or overnight stays in the desert can be arranged here on the spot.

Our camp is completely self-sufficient, the electricity comes from solar panels and the water for the showers and toilets comes from a basin that is filled up from the outside every now and then.

You are literally and figuratively “off the grid” ..! (but with WiFi)

For a cottage you pay 25 euros per night including breakfast. If you want to share with another person, 10 euros is added.
Lunch, diner and all other drinks and snacks will be written down and you can pay when you leave.