Is a collaboration of two families from two completely different cultures and the result of a long-cherished wish to introduce more people to the Sinai desert. After many years traveling together in the Sinai desert we are now ready to organize desert trips but also a holiday in a cottage on the beach in the South Sinai desert.

We don’t see ourselves as a travel agency but as more as a connecting factor to give more people from the West the opportunity to have a special experience in a very special environment, reachable  in no time and very affordable.

We will arrange everything for you from the moment you get off the plane. Transport, accommodation, food, drinks, camel, jeep, etc. are all included in the price you pay. You only need to arrange the flight ticket for yourself.

A stay in the desert is highly recommended for people living in the hectic West where the pressure is high and the system in which we live is demanding and actually pushes us further and further from the essence of life. When you travel through the mountains and desert for a week or ten days you will feel life as it was a long time ago and perhaps learn some lessons from it. We certainly did and still do..

The Sinai is a very beautiful peninsula with one of the most beautiful starry skies and with one of the most beautiful underwater corals in the world. A place where there is still space and silence. Something that is hard to find in the world today.

You can drive through the mountains and meet no one else for days. You can take a route that takes you to the great desert where the silence and openness are unique. And after hours of driving you will be rewarded with a small oasis where often a Bedouin family is established and you will always receive a warm welcome.

Being in the desert gives a feeling of freedom and peace. Thé way to clear your head. The reset for your body and  your mind.

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