We invite you to this unique desert journey through the majestic Sinai Desert. This six-day tour, on foot and by camel, offers an unparalleled opportunity to completely relax in an extensive, pure natural environment.

With this desert journey we want to make room for your vision. A vision provides direction and ensures that you make decisions faster and easier.

The element of fire is fully present on this desert journey. We cook and eat around the fire. We sleep under the stars. We share, laugh and talk about our vision during this desert journey. There is room to reflect on personal experiences and share insights with each other around the fire.

Traveling through this area accompanied by a Bedouin tribe offers you the unique opportunity to experience life in its authentic form. The desert ensures that all noise disappears from the line so that you can return to your own nature. We travel for six days by camel and on foot, about 10 to 20 kilometers per day, and as much as possible in silence. We sleep and live in the open air. The environment is wide and varied and will not bore you. The space that is freed up by traveling with the tribe often provides insights, energy and strength.

You travel under the guidance of experienced Bedouins and two experienced Dutch-speaking guides. Debra Hempel founder and initiative taker of Live the Bedouinlife guides this desert journey together with Celine Groenenstein (The Origin)

Our team knows the desert like no other and offers expert guidance and support according to needs.

After breakfast on the sixth day we depart by jeep back to the coast of Nuweiba, where the trip ends at the beautiful Live The Bedouin Life Camp on the Gulf of Aqaba. Here you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.

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The price is exclusive

– Airline ticket
– Tip for the Bedouin team, which we collect at the end of the trip (between 20 * 70 Euro).
– Personal expenses
– Travel insurance



The climate of November is warm with maximum temperatures around 28 degrees. The nights are cooler and the temperature can drop to around 15 to 20 degrees. With about 10 hours of sunshine per day and a very small chance of precipitation, the weather forecast for November and December is warm and favorable. During this period it can be windy, when the wind rises it feels fresh in the desert.

Time difference

The time difference with Egypt and Sinai is 1 hour later (during winter time there is a time difference).


Egypt and Sinai do not require vaccinations.

Our travel policy

Tourism is the largest industry in the world, with enormous potential for economic growth and employment. Unfortunately, tourism also causes negative effects on nature and local cultures. We try to look for sustainable alternatives to limit the negative effects of tourism and enhance the positive effects. Livethebedouinlife attaches great importance to dealing responsibly with culture, nature and the environment. We adhere to cultural codes as much as possible and expect the same from our travelers. It is -if applicable- easy to forget that we sometimes travel through very poor areas.

Flights can be booked via:

Transavia.com: Flies from Amsterdam Schiphol to Sharm el Sheikh in the period from November to the end of March .

TUI: Flies directly from Rotterdam Airport to and from Sharm el Sheikh for a number of months a year. Flights can also be booked directly from Eindhoven Airport to Sharm el Sheikh.

TUI Belgium: From Brussels there are direct flights to Sharm el Sheikh.

Turkish Airlines & Pegasus :
With both airlines you fly via Istanbul, they are the most stable in price and departure.

Because we travel by camel, a pair of long trousers are useful to take with us. A sweater, cardigan for the evenings, and lighter clothing for the day. If you get cold quickly, bring a pair of warm socks. During some parts of the journey you will have to guide your camel over the mountains on foot, so shoes/sturdy sandals/slippers that are comfortable to walk in are essential for this journey.

We have a sleeping bag for everyone, but for extra comfort, warmth and hygiene, your elf should also bring a sleeping bag.

Don’t forget something for the head, a cloth, hat or cap! It is important to protect yourself well while riding through the desert on your camel and from the sun in general. So don’t forget your sunscreen! A toothbrush, a washcloth and a greasy cream or oil is also nice to have with you in the desert.

Because we travel by camel and it will also carry your luggage, it is best to choose a flexible backpack, sports bag or soft suitcase.

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