We are a small tour company offering different tours in Nuweiba Sinai Egypt.

Livethebedouinlife is a collaboration of two families from two completely different cultures and the result of a long-cherished desire to introduce more people to the Sinai desert.

Our motivation as two Dutch entrepreneurs in the South of Sinai to start Livethebedouinlife together with Eid Abu Ali and his family.

Who are we? We (Daniel Eeuwens, Debra hempel) are two entrepreneurs from Amsterdam who have more than 20 years of travel experience in the Sinai desert.
Through our equally long friendship with Eid Abu Ali and his family, we have learned a lot about the living habits and traditions that the Bedouin tribe has respected and lived for hundreds of years. It is a population that is known as one of the oldest tribes in our world. The followers of Jesus, as the Bible tells the story, are said to be of Bedouin descent.

Nowadays, the Sinai region is developed by the government of Egypt without little regard for the needs or rights of the Bedouins. This makes their way of life a lot more difficult.
Eid Abu Ali comes from a family of desert guides. He felt responsible for the uneven economic opportunities and rights of the Bedouins relative to the Egyptians.
Through his eyes, he has regularly shown us his world for the past 20 years. Our hearts have opened even more through the beauty of the desert and the simple yet rich bedouin life.

Thanks to Eid’s desert and cultural knowledge and his important role in the Bedouin tribe, we have had the opportunity to start Livethebedouinlife with him.
By combining all our knowledge about life and the entrepreneurial profession, Livethebedouinlife has quickly become the place to make desert trips. Learning from each other is also an important theme in the trips we organize. The fact that we can introduce so many different people to Sinai with Livethebedouinlife in which they get closer to their own nature, in the nature is very valuable for everyone involved.

Our mission is to help create a healthy and stable working area for the tribe so that the traditions and customs of the Bedouins can be preserved and that they can continue their independence and way of life.

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